USA: dog abandoned at the airport by his family

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USA: dog abandoned at the airport by his family

From JFK airport in New York comes a baffling story of animal abuse. One family abandoned Kola, a female husky, because she couldn't board with her family, leaving him tied to a pole. NYPD stepped in to help the frightened dog, asking for assistance from the New York Bully Crew.

The dog was transported to the Animal Care Centers facility in Brooklyn. Despite being a draft dog, therefore robust and muscular, it has an elegant, light and well-proportioned structure. It has a slightly rounded skull which, together with the muzzle that narrows towards the nose, helps to bring out its lupine appearance.

Slightly slanted almond-shaped eyes may be brown, amber, blue, or heterochromes (one eye of one color and one of another or two colors in the same eye). The ears, carried erect and close together, are small to disperse less heat and well equipped with hair, to better withstand the polar temperatures to which they are often exposed.

Cheerful and playful, dignified and proud, he is at times jovial, but above all very sociable with everyone, dogs and people; it can be a great playmate for children. Although he is a bit stubborn, like all Nordic dogs, he can be polite, as long as he is at an early age.

Despite the friendly nature, she is very independent, not easy to breed and has a strong predatory instinct towards small and non-domesticated animals. The Husky is famous for its vocal and communication skills: in fact it is capable of making a large amount of sounds and also has a reputation as a chatterbox.

Due to its character conformation, the Siberian Husky tends to find its allocation within the family that is adopting it, since it considers it as if it were a herd. For this reason, the animal will submit itself more to the one it deems to be its pack leader, while with the other members it will be a little less respectful.

For these reasons it is necessary to educate him in a firm but extremely rewarding way, because he is very intelligent and sensitive: this characteristic has made it easier for people to think that he is a stubborn and independent animal.

His intelligence, his meekness and his desire for affection make him a pleasant companion and a worker full of goodwill. Particularly in the first years of life, it is necessary to avoid separating him from the owner and letting him stay alone, even for short periods.

In addition to suffering from loneliness, his character may be affected.