War in Ukraine also affects animals


War in Ukraine also affects animals

What will become of all domestic and non-domestic animals in Ukraine, after the invasion of Russia and the abandonment of the country by many inhabitants, forced to flee from tanks and bombs? There were photos of abandoned pet shops, still with the poor animals left to their fate.

Parrots, dogs, cats, reptiles. War also affects domestic and non-domestic animals, not just people. Italian Andrea Cisternino, has been managing an animal shelter 45 kilometers from Kiev for over 10 years. Together with his wife Vlada Shalutko he moved to Ukraine to denounce and fight dog hunters.

He shared via Facebook on the day Russia declared war on Ukraine. He said: "Apart from the bombing this morning at 5 and the artillery shells a little while ago, now there is silence, we hear in the distance some airplane engine or a helicopter passed over the shelter.

Every noise we pay attention, we live with the anguish but let's try to be positive. We heard the bombings this morning, then calm returned. We also heard some mortar rounds, but we are staying at the shelter. I had already refueled and refueled and I was foresight.

Now obviously c 'is the race for primary goods such as food and petrol, fortunately I have already made supplies for the shelter and for us too, so for now we have food and what we need. guests of the Refuge, I can not eat but they are my responsibility since the day I saved them.

I am afraid for them but I am with them. Thanks to the friends who are donating. Every now and then I read comments that I would be irresponsible because I do nothing to secure my animals, as if after having saved and cared for them I want to see them dead but also do not forget myself, in fact here I am having fun, imagine.

If I had wanted to, I would have gone away and left them all here. Instead of writing on a social network, say and do concrete things, come here with trucks and help me take away all 400 animals. All with the solutions in their pockets, but they remain in their pockets.

Move 400 between horses, cows, sheep, goats, dogs, cats, pigs, what does it take? Bring them to Italy? Sure, what does it take? And then the Refuge, abandoning it, everything would go into anyone's hands and I would lose everything. "