War in Ukraine: terrified animals in the Kiev zoo


War in Ukraine: terrified animals in the Kiev zoo

Bombings and fighting that are taking place in the Ukrainian war, between the country and Russia, are putting a strain on the civilian population, but also on animals, such as the species of the Kiev zoo. Three deer are reported to have died at Ecopark Feldam, 400 km east of the capital, and kennels throughout Ukraine are asking for help to save the animals housed.

BBC said around 50 explosions occurred in the area surrounding the city zoo in Kiev, while many videos are being shot on social media, some of which show how the bombs dropped in the zoo area caused a vast fire located right where it is.

the park. Cyril Trentin, director of the Park, did not speak of victims or injuries among the animals but said that the staff are using sedatives to calm the animals terrified by the fighting.

The situation after the negotiations

Negotiations between Russia and Ukraine will continue on the border between Poland and Belarus.

This was announced by the Kremlin, quoted by TASS. According to the Moscow negotiator, Vladimir Medinsky, the talks will take place in the next few days. "We have identified some points on which it is possible to find common ground," he said, at the end of talks with the Ukrainian delegation in a secret location in Belarus, Vladimir Medinsky, Russian chief negotiator, presidential adviser in the Kremlin.

During his phone call with the French president, Emmanuel macron, Vladimir Putin asked for the recognition of Russian sovereignty over Crimea as one of the conditions for an end to the war in Ukraine. The Kremlin makes it known.

Russian forces have launched missiles at residential areas of Kharkiv, Ukraine's second largest city, where violent fighting is taking place. "The whole world must see this horror," wrote Anton Herashchenko, adviser to the Ukrainian Interior Ministry, in a post on Facebook, attaching a video of the missile attack.

Dozens of people were killed and injured, he added. The IOC degrades Vladimir Putin and the athletes of Russia and Belarus. In fact, the Executive withdrew the Olympic Order, the highest honor of the five-circle movement, to the Russian president after the invasion of Ukraine, and also strongly recommended to all world federations not to invite Russian and Belarusian athletes to international sports competitions, and where this is not possible due to time or legal reasons, urges them to ensure that no Russian or Belarusian athlete or sports official can take part under the name of Russia or Belarus.

Russian or Belarusian citizens, be they individual or team, should only be accepted as neutral, without anthems and flags.