Ukraine: pets abandoned under bombs or on the run with families


Ukraine: pets abandoned under bombs or on the run with families

In the war in Ukraine, many animals live under the bombing with their families, or abandoned to their fate, without food, or en route out of the country. Many photos show Ukrainian citizens fleeing the war along with their cats and dogs.

On the other hand, there are many pets left in the bombed cities, both stray and guests in kennels. Volunteers from Save the Dogs and other Animals guard the Romanian borders of Odessa and Isaccea where the families of refugees who are leaving the country are arriving.

Founder and president of the association Sara Turetta said to Italian website RAI News: "I have been here for a few days, together with some of the 50 volunteers in force at our headquarters in Romania. The river of refugees leaving Ukraine is growing by the hour.

now.They are traumatized people who are assisted by the three humanitarian organizations present: Red Cross, Save The Children and ADRA.And then we are there to take care of both the animals of the families arriving at the borders and those remaining in Ukrainian territory.

As for the animals that arrive with their families at the border after long journeys, the situation is under control. The numbers are limited, but they arrive both day and night. We can provide them with everything they need: food, pet carriers to continue their journey, as so many refugees arrive in Romania headed for other countries.

Dogs often arrive with fear in their eyes, some even injured, for them we guarantee medical visits to our clinics and provide the veterinary certificate which certifies that the animal comes from Ukraine, facilitating the movement to other European destinations.

The condition of the animals inside is critical, both for those in kennels and for strays. They are all starving. The strays because there is no longer anyone to feed them, but even in the kennels the resources are exhausted.

And this is where we are trying to come into play, trying to send food to facilities where it is needed. Among these is the Odessa kennel, the most important where there is a lack of supplies. For now we have not yet succeeded.

We cannot cross the border, so we should load everything on the humanitarian convoys departing from Romania for the war zones. But getting into Ukrainian territory is becoming more and more difficult. The hope is to open a corridor.

Obviously for now we are doing everything possible from the Romanian border areas, counting only on our association and the support of donors, but it is not enough. "