Ukrainian war: little girl for her little dog on the run, saved by volunteers

A moving story comes from Ukraine, about a family and their little dog

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Ukrainian war: little girl for her little dog on the run, saved by volunteers

As reported by italian website Repubblica, a moving story comes from Ukraine, about a family and their little dog. A woman, Maria Dahileva, on the run a week ago with her little girl from Ukraine, had brought a pomeranian with her, but when it was time to board the ship to Italy, their dog got lost in the confusion, hoping in the crowd.

But the story had a happy ending. Volunteers from the Yellow Cross and the police found the animal while it was touring the harbor and brought it back to the family. Carla Rocchi, anthropologist, is the president of the National Animal Protection Agency, said to Repubblica: "You run away with the affections.

It is almost an irrational force. There is an intimate sphere of families in which there are no series A and series affections. B and pets are part of it. This is why we see people running away with the dog or cat in their arms and children by the hand.

Never before in such a tragic moment, in which we are escaping from war, animals are part of the family . Leaving one's country is a very difficult choice. I cannot take my house away, but I take away my dog, the cat. It is the image of my life before.

The important thing is that families can stay together with their pets even when they are forced to start traveling again, welcomed by other families or in the communities. For this reason we are setting up a hub in Trieste with veterinarians and volunteers ready to welcome them when they arrive at the border and before leaving.

together with the Red Cross and the Civil Protection, who have involved us in a rescue operation that will start in a few days. A caravan of aid and veterinarians will depart from Lombardy and Piedmont. We are collecting adhesions by coordinating together with other associations.

To help Ukrainian veterinarians who are doing what they can in a country where there is nothing left, Italian doctors have already contacted them to find out what they need most. Entry into the country is impossible, we can only deliver humanitarian aid at checkpoints in Romania or Poland.

We are setting up shelters on the border between Ukraine and Romania or Poland, as in Siret and Lviv. They are already partially active: dogs and cats are welcomed in conditions such that they cannot continue the journey, assistance is provided to people traveling with their pet, also informing them that they are authorized to enter the European Union even without documents, regularizing them at a later time.

Veterinary assistance will be offered to animals with special conditions or needs. Those who leave the country will obviously find food and medicines immediately. "