Ukraine: walks 17 km with his senior dog on his shoulder


Ukraine: walks 17 km with his senior dog on his shoulder

A woman worked a real miracle to escape the war in Ukraine: Alisa, 35, headed to Poland with her family, walking 17 kilometers with her dog Pulya, a 12-and-a-half-year-old German shepherd who for the age can not walk, on his shoulders.

Determined to leave Kiev with her husband, her and her children and the German shepherd Pulya, Alisa had left in a very small car towards the border with her mother, sister, their two husbands, four children, Pulya and another dog.

Near the Polish border, the two families had to queue between the cars stopped there, deciding to abandon the vehicle and continue on foot. Pulya who could not walk much due to her advanced age: Alisa then took her dog in her arms and carried it on her shoulders, walking 17 kilometers with him, taking turns with her husband, who is then due go back and fight Alisa, the children and the other two women crossed the border, along with their pets.

In an interview with the Guardian, Alisa said: "It was a very hard journey, between mountains and rivers. My children were crying because of the cold, I also wanted to cry and give up, but I couldn't. I asked the cars. and other people to help us with the dog, but everyone told us to leave them there, but our dogs are an integral part of our family, they lived happy and sad moments with us."

Ukraine: "Risk of having to kill animals on farms"

War in Ukraine is involving on several levels, as well as the convergence of agricultural commodities, such as corn and wheat, with Eastern Europe blocking exports.

Hungary, for example, will ban grain exports to mitigate national supplies and a price hike. The problem also affects millions of animals and their survival, because feed production is limited to 20 days. National Association of Zootechnical Food Producers said: "If alternative supply channels are not activated, production will be blocked, with devastating consequences for farms and the need to kill animals in the stables and the collapse of food production in animal origin, such as beef, pork and poultry, milk, butter and cheese, eggs and fish.

Once again, the highly critical situation of Italy due to its massive dependence on foreign countries to satisfy the internal demand for agricultural raw materials . A situation that has worsened over the years, with the constant decline in national production of corn, which collapsed from the self-sufficiency of fifteen years ago to a scarce 50% today.

Urgent measures to manage the emergency, favoring imports of corn to avoid the emergence of a real debacle of national animal husbandry. We need to put in place an immediate plan of incentives to encourage the cultivation of further areas of maize, the sowing of which will start in a few days."