Italy: wurstel with nails to kill cats and dogs


Italy: wurstel with nails to kill cats and dogs

As reported by Italian media, in the village of Monteverde, the inhabitants have reported the presence of morsels of sausage with nails inside, which would endanger the life of dogs and cats dogs around Largo Ravizza near Rome.

Great alarm from citizens, who on social media and through interviews say and write: "Be careful of your dogs when you take them for a walk. We found frankfurters stuffed with nails. Always be careful when you take dogs out for a walk, that they can become victims of unscrupulous people.

An infamous and cruel gesture, to put nails in food to harm animals. The fear is always there and we must control them, because unfortunately the danger could always be around the corner." Municipal Councilor Dianiele Diaco said: "Attacking the lives of poor dogs is a criminal act that deserves to be severely punished.

Whoever throws frankfurters stuffed with nails in the air dogs of Largo Ravizza in Rome is just a heartless person, as well as cowardly and unhappy. Denounce citizens. Denounce and let this scum pass a bad quarter of an hour.

I myself will make a complaint against the authors of this nefarious act. Special thanks to the citizen who discovered the trap by saving the life of many four-legged friends."

Ukraine: "Risk of having to kill animals on farms"

War in Ukraine is involving on several levels, as well as the convergence of agricultural commodities, such as corn and wheat, with Eastern Europe blocking exports.

Hungary, for example, will ban grain exports to mitigate national supplies and a price hike. The problem also affects millions of animals and their survival, because feed production is limited to 20 days. National Association of Zootechnical Food Producers said: "If alternative supply channels are not activated, production will be blocked, with devastating consequences for farms and the need to kill animals in the stables and the collapse of food production in animal origin, such as beef, pork and poultry, milk, butter and cheese, eggs and fish.

Once again, the highly critical situation of Italy due to its massive dependence on foreign countries to satisfy the internal demand for agricultural raw materials . A situation that has worsened over the years, with the constant decline in national production of corn, which collapsed from the self-sufficiency of fifteen years ago to a scarce 50% today.

Urgent measures to manage the emergency, favoring imports of corn to avoid the emergence of a real debacle of national animal husbandry. We need to put in place an immediate plan of incentives to encourage the cultivation of further areas of maize, the sowing of which will start in a few days."