Italy: in Rome, wild boars give birth and breastfeed on the street


Italy: in Rome, wild boars give birth and breastfeed on the street

Really surreal what is happening in the streets of Rome, in Italy. The wild boars gave birth to their puppies and nursed them on the streets of the Eternal City. Precisely this happened two in via Basilio Puoti, in the XIV Town Hall, Monte Mario area.

Regional councilor Laura Corrotti published the video on social media, and commented: "I still can hardly believe it but the northern area of ​​the capital is turning into a wild boar farm. Have the municipality and the region really nothing to say?" In the video, two wild boaresses lying in the middle of the road while breastfeeding four puppies.

Lega Against Hunting Lazio said: "The wild boars, pushed by the hunted, by the shot, seek refuge and refuge in urban areas. If then, in the cities, they find waste, easy food, how to blame them?" Maurizio Lombardi Leonardi, head of the Animal Protection and Welfare department, added: "This image is of infinite sweetness, you can interpret it as you prefer but it only conveys love.

As always, animals are exploited and are easy prey to low politics." Below the video by Corriere della Sera

About the boar

Originally from Eurasia and North Africa, over the millennia the wild boar has been repeatedly decimated and reintroduced in large portions of its range and also in new environments, where it has taken root so well, thanks to its extraordinary qualities of resistance and adaptability, which is considered one of the most widespread mammal species and it is difficult to draw a precise taxonomic profile, as the various populations, originally pure, have undergone the contribution of alien specimens or rinselvatichiti pigs over time.

Always considered at the same time a coveted prey for its flesh and a fierce opponent for its tenacity in combat, only during the twentieth century did it cease to be a source of food of primary importance for man, supplanted in this by its domestic descendant, the pig.

Due to the close link with man, the wild boar appears frequently, and often with leading roles, in the mythology of many peoples.