Alexei Surovtsev: "Except dogs and cats left behind by refugees in Ukraine"


Alexei Surovtsev: "Except dogs and cats left behind by refugees in Ukraine"

Alexei Surovtsev, a former stripper, rose to fame with a Ukrainian dance talent, before pursuing an acting career. Now Alexei has stayed in Ukraine to rescue the pets that the refugees had to leave behind in their escape. He said: "When the war started I was in the west skiing, in the Carpathians.

I immediately returned to Irpin. The Russians had not yet arrived, I went to enroll in Territorial Defense but they said thanks for being available, for the moment. no need. So I helped the refugees to escape. I accompanied them in my car, I transported their suitcases on foot across the Irpin bridge which had been demolished to block the advance of the Russians.

In the meantime, my house was hit and I moved to another vacant apartment, but still remained in Irpin. One day I saw on Telegram an appeal from a family of Irpin, they were desperate because in the heat they had forgotten the cat bag on board a minibus with which they had arrived as far as the bridge.

I ran to look for the van, found it and recovered the cat. I brought it back. They wept with joy. I have rescued pets of all kinds: cats and dogs but also chinchillas, pigeons and even an axolotl. There were many helping humans, volunteers and associations; but for their animals it was just me.

The record was 32 rescues in one day. I tried for several days to go where the lady told me but it was impossible, they bombed continuously. When I managed to reach the address, the building was heavily hit. I tried to enter, the apartment was completely destroyed, A bed of rubble.

God, I thought, now how do I tell him? Did she call me every day to find out if I had found her cat? I was about to leave when he came out of a pile of rubble, meowing. He was very thin, but he was alive. A rescue? To enter I had to descend from the upper floor, then I went through the window.

He took me for a thief and bit me. I had to go back every day to bring him food, to win his trust: I would never have been able to bring him back from the window without his cooperation."