Stray dog enters a wedding: spouses adopt him


Stray dog enters a wedding: spouses adopt him

During the marriage of two young Brazilians, Tamiris Muzini and Douglas Robert, a stray dog appeared during the ceremony, and what happened next was a source of great tenderness. In fact, the newlyweds have decided to adopt the dog.

The puppy showed up and remained at the door of the church without disturbing, while someone tried to push him away. At the end of the ceremony he started jumping and wagging his tail, winning the love of the couple.

Stray dog enters a wedding: spouses adopt him

The puppy had left the ceremony, but the couple, thanks to the video of the dog, found him with a broken paw in a cafeteria.

NGO Pra Mia wrote on Instagram: "On Monday dear @ joice_rodrigues012 found him in a coffee shop VV.

Since we have given a big boost to this story, we feel co-responsible and bear the initial costs thanks to the action taken by the students of @faculdadeucl. Caramelinho was given an x-ray of the leg and it was discovered that it was broken.

The veterinarian has provided for the immobilization of the same. He also drew blood to make sure he was healthy and the vet said the large scar on his belly is likely a sign of something they used to tie him up. At the wedding I noticed that he too had a bruise on his face, probably due to a kick.

Even with so many brands Caramelo de Jesus is a boy with a wonderful heart. He fascinated everyone with his sympathy for him and stole the hearts of the newlyweds! Even with his leg broken he stood up to greet them. May he story of him inspire others to open the doors of their hearts and homes to an animal in a vulnerable situation.

They are angels sent by God to bring light and color into our lives. Today's request is: do we follow the latest blogger on social media? @caramelodejesus Do you know the past? At least for Caramelo he was left behind, because he was adopted by the spouses who had the sensitivity to understand that he is a treasure that God sent them."