Two kittens burn alive at school: horror in Italy


Two kittens burn alive at school: horror in Italy

In Southern Italy, precisely in the surroundings of Bari, in Puglia, yet another horror has occurred: a truly horrifying abuse of animals. A cat and her two kittens were burned alive. The Association National League for the Defense of the Dog filed a complaint with the police: "It is horrifying and worrying to think that there is someone around capable of such wickedness, even if it is certainly not a surprise.

To rage in such a cruel way on defenseless animals, some of them even puppies, it is really a sign of a disturbed mind that would have no qualms about hurting anyone in its path. This person must be stopped because he represents a danger to animals and other people, it is necessary to re-educate her so that she understands the value of life and stops engaging in such ferocious behavior, a symptom of serious discomfort.

If someone has useful information, they can contact the police directly. Cover or justify those who carry out actions of the gender is unacceptable and risky, because these behaviors are destined to evolve into ever greater violence." The charred bodies of the animals would have been found on the door of the building.

The perpetrators of this crime are unknown for now.

Billy, the hero cat

Sam Felstead, a 42-year-old woman from the UK, was sleeping at night when her cat, Billy, suddenly woke her up and meowed insistently. The cat kept meowing until he managed to wake the owner up.

The woman could not move and the right side of her body was causing severe pain. Her mother intervened and she urgently took her to the hospital, where doctors discovered that she had had a heart attack. According to the woman, Billy stepped in to save her.

Feline behaviorist Lucy Hoile said that Billy may have sensed that Mrs. Felstead was sweating a lot, that she was moving differently than usual, or he might have even sensed a change in her smell.