The killing of thousands of male chicks continues in the UK


The killing of thousands of male chicks continues in the UK

The killing of thousands of male chicks continues in the UK. Up to 330 million male chicks are brutally killed every year in Europe, in the most horrible ways possible: crushed by presses or suffocated with gas. Of this figure, at least 29 million chicks die in the UK.

The British Retail Consortium said retailers continue to work with farmers to improve the welfare of laying hens and continue to consider any research that could further improve the high standards currently in place. But the British Egg Industry Council, contacted by The Guardian for comment, has so far not responded.

According to British farmers and breeding companies, the domestic market is not interested in promoting eggs that do not contribute to the killing of male chicks.
Company Piggotts Poultry Breeders sells laying chickens made from eggs using Respeggt technology, and has so far sold around 6,000 chickens to small breeders but also found that retailers in general fear damage to their image if consumers better understand the supply chain.

egg. Many farmers can avoid mass culling thanks to the farming technology already in use in France and Germany. Germany introduced a law to ban the killing of male chicks at the beginning of this year of 2022. Respeggt, a German provider of egg sexing services, uses its patented process to identify and prevent male chicks from hatching.

In particular, on the ninth day of incubation, a small drop of liquid is extracted from the eggs and analyzed. Once hatcheries know which eggs will hatch into male chicks, they can reuse them for other uses. Respeggt CEO said to the Guardian: "We are looking to enter the UK, but have been unsuccessful so far.

Retail claims there is no consumer demand, so hatcheries and packing centers say they don't. there is demand from retailers. We are trying to talk to everyone, but the problem with the UK is that people don't know where the eggs come from."