Humpback whale Fran killed by a ship

Her body was found on Half Moon Bay in San Mateo County of California

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Humpback whale Fran killed by a ship

Humpback whale Fran died at the end of August due to a collision with a ship. Her body was found on Half Moon Bay in San Mateo County of California. The humpback whale was the second most reported ever on the Happy Whale platform, a Citizen Science site that tracks encounters with large cetaceans.

Whale watching fans of Monterey Bay knew her above all for her spectacular jumps and stunts. Between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022 she had been observed for the first time with a puppy, at risk after the disappearance of the magnificent parent.

In a post on Facebook, the staff of Whales of Guerrero, a company that organizes whale watching outings in the Pacific, wrote: "When we know our whales as individuals like this, their death affects us in a much deeper way and the positive part.

of this aspect is that we care even more about their health. We are grateful for the opportunity to do our part to help keep the whales safe and hope, as we mourn this special mother whale, that her death will lead to new ones.

laws and better behaviors in the ocean to keep humpback whales safer in the future."

Humpback whale Fran killed by a ship

Fran was born in 200. Since her birth, nearly 300 Happy Whale sightings have been recorded along the Pacific coast of North America, most of them concentrated in the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary.

Her name Fran comes from a tribute to the late wife of Ferd Bergholz, a whale watching enthusiast who has taken dozens of whale watching excursions from Moss Landing in her life. A year after his wife's disappearance and on her birthday, the humpback whale did some stunts in front of the boat on which Mr.

Bergholz was. Struck by this exciting encounter, the man decided to go to the Ocean Society to propose his wife's name for the whale. Scientists welcomed with enthusiasm.