Squids in the Pacific Ocean contain mercury and selenium

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Squids in the Pacific Ocean contain mercury and selenium

Humboldt squid is a large squid, up to two meters in length. It lives in large groups, up to 1200 individuals, and can swim at a speed of 24 km / h thanks to the propulsion system provided by the siphon. It has very large eyes to be able to see in the dark, long tentacles equipped with hooked suckers capable of firmly grasping the prey to bring it to the mouth and is equipped with a very hard beak inside the mouth opening, which has such power to crush the bones.

It usually lives at a depth of 200-700 meters, although it is not uncommon to meet it up to the surface, from Tierra del Fuego to California. Due to its strongly aggressive nature and the dark red color of the body, this squid is also called Diablo Rojo.

Like many other aquatic organisms, squid are affected by the presence of heavy metals dispersed in the oceans.

Squids in the Pacific Ocean contain mercury and selenium

Mercury and selenium in squids from the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean: The distribution and human health implications, published on the Marine pollution bulletin, explained: "Squids are globally distributed.

Hg-contaminated squids may have high risks on humans. With abundant Se (antagonistic effect on Hg), the risks can be reduced. We collected squids around the world, Northwest Pacific Ocean, Southeast Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean."

Researchers then added: "Concentrations of Hg and Se were region-based and tissue-based. The higher content of Se were, the lower relative Hg levels were. The correlation between Se: Hg and Se was the strongest in the digestive gland.

The values ​​of Se : Hg and THQ all confirm that the health risk was lower in samples with higher concentrations of Se. Despite the risk assessment by Se: Hg, BRV and THQ analysis showed no risk when consumed in moderation, the maximum daily intake is provided based on Monte Carlo simulation.

In future, when evaluating the risks cause by Hg exposure and providing the recommended daily amount, it may need to concurrent consideration of Se levels."