The new cub of the sorrow killer whale

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The new cub of the sorrow killer whale

Tahlequah, a female killer whale that in the summer of two years ago moved the world from the Pacific to the waters of Canada, with the muzzle his little puppy left lifeless, had a great news. That time it did not let him go, he did not accept his death.

This funeral ritual, which was already observed in several cetaceans, until the moment when it gave in letting it sink to the bottom. Two years after Tahlequah is a mother again: the researchers at Whale Research immortalized her alongside a new puppy on September 5th.

For the experts it is beautiful news, full of hope. J35 after mourning and a new very long gestation was again able to give birth and her cub appears healthy and swims vigorously next to the mother explain biologists and professionals who monitor the waters between the United States and Canada.

According to experts, the puppy named J57 was born on September after a gestation that began in February 2019.

Experts also said: "We hope that this time the story of J57 is successful. Unfortunately the cetaceans in recent years suffer from nutritional stress and many pregnancies fail and for the puppies there is a mortality of 40%."

Between the waters of the US state of Washington and the Canadian British Columbia, biologists will continue to keep an eye on the large population of over seventy orcas surveyed in July. Meanwhile a great white shark kills a surfer on the Australian Gold Coast: an event in Australia that hadn't happened for sixty years, precisely since 1958.

Surfers found the body of Nick Slater, 46, a real estate agent, in shallow water, floating next to the his table. The man was immediately brought ashore for first aid, but died on the beach. The surfer was at Greenmount Beach in Coolangatta when the shark attacked him severely injuring him in the leg.

A witness revealed that Slater's upper leg, who was surfing near Snapper Rocks, was all slaughtered by the shark. The beach will reopen as soon as the white shark is away from the area Another surfer said, "The bite was about the same circumference as a basketball, and there was still a tooth stuck in the fiberglass."

Police have ordered the closure of an 18-kilometer section of beach to search for the white shark by helicopter. City Mayor Tom Tate said the beach will reopen as soon as authorities are certain the white shark is away from the area.

Slater is the sixth deadly shark attack in Australia this year, but most of it occurred along the country's east coast