Dolphins save a surfer from a shark

In Australia, precisely at Wallagoot Beach, on the coast of New Wales, this incredible story happened

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Dolphins save a surfer from a shark

Incredible what happened in Australia. At Wallagoot Beach, on the coast of New Wales, a surfer, Bill Ballard was practicing in the sea when he was surrounded by some dolphins hunting for salmon, which, however, as noted by man, were behaving very strangely.

The man said how difficult it was to describe the situation, with dolphins rising to the surface to look at him and swimming back and forth, approaching and trying to push him towards the shore. An aircraft flying over the area dropped low, warning Ballard that a great shark, possibly a white shark, according to the Australian Marine Conservation Society, was swimming very close to the surfer.

Dolphins save a surfer from a shark

Marine biologist from the Australian Marine Conservation Society, said: "Some large schools of fish, including salmon, are a major attraction for sharks and dolphins, which are not uncommon to share the same areas, as they tend to seek the same food.

Dolphins, they may have even seen the surfer as a possible competitor for food, so pushing him ashore might have been a way to intimidate him and keep him away, rather than protect him from a shark. In general, it is not in an animal's interest to enter in conflict with another, when this can be avoided, so it could be that the dolphins keep their distance while keeping an eye on a potential competitor." Ballard was escorted by the dolphins until he found a wave that brought him back to shore.

The man said: "One of them kept telling me: it was a shark, it was close to you and it was the biggest I have ever seen. It must have been about 6 meters long. At first I thought they mistook him for a dolphin, and I kept asking them if they were really sure it wasn't, but the pilot of the aircraft then said: No, I've been flying for years and I know exactly what a shark looks like." A very amazing story.