Bear kept in cage for 20 years will be released


Bear kept in cage for 20 years will be released

A bear named Mark, who spent twenty years in a cage behind a restaurant in Tirana, Albania, will finally be released. The bear was used to attract tourists and visitors, who would then eat in the restaurant. An inconceivable, brutal violence.

The bear had broken teeth and claws in an attempt to destroy the bars that imprisoned him, and due to an inadequate diet that he was given for years, without my being able to go into hibernation, he was overweight, and in very healthy conditions.

despair. FOUR PAWS Association did its utmost to save the animal, and finally did it. Mark the bear will be moved to a sanctuary in Austria.

Bear kept in cage for 20 years will be released

Four Pawns wrote on Facebook: "LIVE from the rescue of bear Mark in Albania!

Our dedicated team is now on the ground to help bear Mark, who has been observing us through the bars of his cage ever since we arrived this morning. Rescues like these are logistically complex and require tons of planning and organizing, but we are doing our best to get poor Mark out of his cage and his completely unsuitable living conditions as fast as possible!

The official agreement that Mark will be handed over to FOUR PAWS has now been signed as Mark's new owner is surrendering him voluntarily. We are glad about his enthusiastic support for this mission and our shared wish for a better future for Mark.

Every bear deserves a species-appropriate home – and Mark will find his in our BEAR SANCTUARY Arbesbach (BÄRENWALD Arbesbach). Today marks the beginning of his new life of him! We are grateful for your continued support – if you can, please donate here to support Mark's rescue.

Let us close the sad chapter of restaurant bears in Albania together!"