Over 1 million minks have been killed since the Summer

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Over 1 million minks have been killed since the Summer

In the summer 600,000 European minks killed in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is closing its mink farms for good, long before the originally scheduled date of 2024. The decision was made after many workers contracted COVID-19 in about twenty farms.

The contagion led to the dramatic gassing of hundreds of thousands of animals, nearly 600,000 minks killed atrociously, according to Dutch News. The global COVID-19 pandemic is causing the deaths of huge numbers of mink, both of the European and American species.

In fact, those who have died are over 1 million and 100 thousand, most of them in the Netherlands. Consistent numbers were also recorded in Spain, Denmark and the United States. Some of the animals were killed directly by the virus, most of them were killed by humans, both to prevent the virus from stabilizing on farms and for fear that infected animals could infect company employees.

The risk that positive animals could transmit the disease to humans, however, is considered by experts to be very limited, as highlighted by the World Health Organization.

The farms should now close permanently

Animal farms and slaughterhouses have become a symbol of outbreaks around the world during this global pandemic.

Holland is considered the third largest producer of mink fur in the world, with as many as 200 farms managed by over 160 companies. Every year there are millions of animals that are killed and skinned to make it a garment now with an almost gruesome meaning.

In 2013, Dutch MPs voted for the gradual closure of mink farms within 10 years, but the spread of the coronavirus pandemic forced them to speed up time. The timing is not yet known, but it is estimated that within 5-6 months all the farms will be closed and compensation will be prepared for the companies still in operation.

A member of the Dutch parliament said: "Mink farming is not only morally disgusting, it poses a danger to human health. And by stopping now, rather than in 2024, millions of mink will be spared a miserable life."

PETA Netherlands in a press release said: "We welcome the fact that the Dutch government has made the ethical choice to end fur farming in the Netherlands. With this ban, minks have been spared another four years of torment.

, often driving these poor animals mad because of imprisonment before being horribly killed, even with gas or electric shock. We are putting pressure on other countries to ban this despicable industry."