A Message from the Snail: Protect the Garden with Natural Methods

by Federico Coppini
A Message from the Snail: Protect the Garden with Natural Methods
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Hello, I am the SNAIL. I know I sometimes cause problems by feeding on your garden plants. But please, do not kill me with poisons that cause suffering and contaminate your garden! Instead, use coffee grounds around your plants.

I will stay away, and you will nourish the soil since coffee grounds are an excellent fertilizer.

A Call for Compassion

I am aware that I can be a nuisance to your garden, but I ask you to consider alternative methods to keep me away from your plants.

Chemical poisons not only cause me suffering but can also contaminate the soil and harm other life forms in the garden. There are more ecological and compassionate solutions to protect your plants.

Using Coffee Grounds

Use coffee grounds around your plants.

This method is simple and effective. The coffee grounds will not only keep me away but also provide valuable nutrients to the soil, improving the overall health of the garden. This natural solution respects the environment and promotes sustainable gardening.

Handle Me with Care

If you see me stuck on a pot, do not pull me off; my protective cover will break and I might die. I ask you to be gentle with me. My shell is fragile and crucial for my survival. Removing me abruptly can cause irreparable damage.

If you need to move me, do so carefully, perhaps using a piece of paper or a leaf.

Protect the Offspring

And if you notice small snails following me, please leave them be. They are my delicate offspring with soft and fragile shells.

Not many survive, but we are essential to the ecosystem and have an ancient story. Young snails are particularly vulnerable, and every little life is precious to maintain the natural balance.

Ecological Importance of Snails

We snails play an important role in the ecosystem.

We help decompose organic matter, recycling essential nutrients in the soil. Although we may sometimes damage your plants, our overall contribution to the health of the garden is significant. Our presence is part of a natural balance that supports many forms of life.

Conclusion Help us survive.

Adopting ecological and compassionate gardening methods will not only protect us snails but will also contribute to creating a healthier and more sustainable environment for all garden creatures.

Remember, a small act of kindness can make a big difference. Thank you for your understanding and commitment to more respectful and harmonious gardening. ?