Shadow: the skeletal lion in a Nigerian zoo

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Shadow: the skeletal lion in a Nigerian zoo

In a Nigerian zoo, a man found a lion reduced to skin and bones. So he filmed everything and contacted an association for the protection of animals. Adult male lions usually weigh around 190 kilos, while this specimen could even see the bones.

The visitor paid a dollar to enter the zoo and when he saw the lion he was shocked for a few minutes. In the meantime, they have sent a veterinarian to the zoo to treat the animal, but it is still unclear whether he will succeed.

They are waiting for the full diagnosis as well as the answers on what happened. Bubba is receiving medical treatment and will be moved to a nearby shelter if he survives. Man said: "When I saw him I was speechless, because he seemed to be on the verge of dying and I was also nervous because it was the first time I saw a live lion.

I had never been to a zoo." Experts said: "But currently its conditions are too critical and we are working with local authorities to prevent other animals from suffering in zoos" In the Kaduna Zoo, however, the lion is not the only one.

Other animals kept at the facility have also been found in a worrying state of health, and other vets are taking care of them. Other species have recently been found in a similar situation in the Ziniare Zoo located in Ouagadougou, Burckina Faso.

47 animals were rescued here including lions, hippos, porcupines, monkeys and hyenas. They too were starving, and sadly not all of them managed to survive.

Two chimps from a zoo in the Netherlands

As we told you some days ago, Mike and Karibuna, were shot dead after escaping from the enclosure where they had been locked up for many years.

Staff of the Amersfoort zoo decided to kill them, before they could attack someone or quickly escape through the trees from the park, according to the official version. Mike and Karibuna have only been able to enjoy it for a few minutes in decades, having spent their lives circling for our pleasure and amusement, before being shot down by a sniper with ruthless precision.

Wild animals follow their instincts, and no person would have been in danger if the chimpanzees had found themselves in their natural habitat, instead of being locked away thousands of miles from their homes. According to the reconstruction of the zoo, one of the keepers noticed that there were chimpanzees outside the enclosure.

It is suspected that there were several specimens, but all of them returned quickly, except Mike and Karibuna, who tried to enjoy a bit of freedom by wandering around the visitor area. Protocols were immediately implemented to secure people in the event of animal escape.

Visitors were escorted to safety, particularly inside a restaurant, where they remained for around 45 minutes, according to witnesses (who heard the shots). Some witnessed the tragic execution. Many wondered why rifles with tranquilizer darts were not used, but the zoo staff explained that there was no time.