China, the Yulin dog meat festival begins: thousands of animals slaughtered

During the event dogs and cats, piled in cages, are tortured and killed. Human Society International: «Cruel treatments, animals killed in bars. Let's stop this cruelty »

by Federico Coppini
China, the Yulin dog meat festival begins: thousands of animals slaughtered

The Yulin Dog Meat Festival kicked off on Sunday 21 June. The Humane Society International association, which for years has fought against this horror, reports that the event was created in 2010 simply to increase sales and not tied to any popular tradition, as was often tried to pass on as a message.

It is a "barbaric" event - the activists of the association write -. «Thousands of dogs and cats are taken from streets or stolen from courtyards, are locked up in cages and crammed on trucks, without food and water. Many die from injuries, suffocation, dehydration or heart attack before reaching their sad destination, the slaughterhouse, ”reads Facebook.

The request to the authorities is therefore, once again, to put an end to this cruel business, emphasizing how the animals are killed in bars. The event kicks off despite the fact that China decided only a few weeks ago to remove the dogs from the "livestock" list and include them as "companion animals".

The cities of Shenzhen and Zhuhai have already banned trade but in the months of the coronavirus pandemic, due to the scarcity and prices of pork, that of dog was in great demand. Just a few days ago the association had told how some Chinese animal rights activists had found animals already slaughtered on the stalls of the market in Nancho, just outside Yulin, also discovering a seller with a cage full of puppies still alive, which fortunately were saved.

“I couldn't believe that these sweet and innocent puppies would have been killed if we hadn't been there by accident. I can't really imagine anyone willing to eat these little ones. This was my first trip to Yulin and what I saw at the market really shocked me.

My hands were shaking when I pulled the first puppy out of the cage. People often believe that watching these horrible scenes is normal for most Chinese people, but it is not so. As the Chinese government said, these puppies are companions, not food, and cities like Yulin should put these words into practice and put an end to this shame, "said activist Jenifer Chen.

In terror, he waits for his damned turn! Immobilized inside a lot.
The muzzle incerottato.
He has already seen the others before him.
A buyer will arrive and be weighed.
If he is lucky he will take a bar on his head and boil while still alive!

Otherwise he will die from the pain caused by a naked flame.
He is resigned ... He already knows everything! There will be no mercy for him!