Bison is safe also thanks to the Native Americans

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Bison is safe also thanks to the Native Americans

Bison is safe also thanks to the Native Americans, after having risked extinction due to habitat loss and hunting. At the end of the 1800s, the number of Bison bison reached an all-time low, reducing to less than 1000 specimens.

Today, thanks to conservation programs to protect the species, it is estimated that the population of wild American bison is between 30 and 60 million and is stable. In 1800, settlers invaded native lands and began decimating bison, killing around 50 million for food, for sport and above all to deprive the natives of their most important natural heritage.

In the past, the American bison populated the prairies of North America and constituted an important source of food for Native Americans, who also hunted them for their skin. To restore the bison is therefore not yet over.

In addition to working to increase the number of specimens, bodies, associations and communities are committed to protecting the genetic variability of these animals, to prevent disease or other events from threatening the species.

Although the bison numbers are nowhere near the same as they once were, the population is stable and the bison appears to be out of harm's way. A problem still remains to be solved: since the conservation herds have few speciments, there is a loss of genetic diversity that could expose animals to great risks.

Four endangered giants in 2020

A list of animals to be protected and protected, but in inexorable risk of extinction The polar bear is Earth's largest carnivore is facing severe threats from the melting of the Arctic ice cap, which in turn is caused by global warming.

Currently there are an estimated 20,000 to 30,000 species still alive. The giant panda is the representative symbol of the WWF because it is constantly under threat, the giant panda is included in the list of endangered animals.

Their biggest threat is the deforestation of bamboo forests. The Asian elephant is the largest mammal in the world in danger of extinction. Unfortunately, its tusks are tempting in many markets because they are rich in ivory.

Since only male elephants have this type of tusks, the ratio with female elephants is one to one hundred. The Bengal tiger is an animal with many enemies, however they are not their main threat. Unfortunately, there are many popular beliefs about the Bengal tiger regarding the healing effects of their skin that lead to the very frequent killing of the species.