Penguin saves itself from killer whales by jumping on a boat

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Penguin saves itself from killer whales by jumping on a boat

In Antarctica, a penguin saved itself from death in an incredible way: it got on a boat with tourists to escape the orcas that were chasing it. A video shot by a witness was released by The Sun. It was a very incredible story and, of course, a very amazing video.

The penguin managed to jump aboard at the last moment. After that, the boat pulled away and the killer whales moved to chase it. According to the author of the video, 40-year-old blogger Matt Karsten, the penguin then jumped back into the water.

The author of the video said: "It's crazy we saw it with our own eyes. It was like watching National Geographic right on set. I can imagine the relief the penguin felt when he managed to escape, mocking the killer whales."

Scorpions are at risk of extinction due to their poison

In a study published in BioOne claims that all the scorpions on the planet are in danger of extinction due to human activity, and that in addition to the destruction of habitat, their survival is at risk because they possess a very precious resource and for which a real gold rush has been unleashed.

Scorpion venom is specialty. These are very complex substances that are often used in biomedical research, so much so that the breeding of scorpions for the purpose of milking poison is a very important activity for the pharmaceutical industry.

The official farms have an approach based on sustainability, but in recent years these have been accompanied by a black market for farmed scorpions, with real illegal farms that they are fed with specimens captured in the wild, and therefore stolen from the ecosystem.

The study reads that in Iran the rumor has spread, via social media, according to which a liter of scorpion poison can be resold for 10 million dollars; this blew up illegal farms across the country, and made tens of thousands of animals disappear from circulation.