Husky dog ​​rescues an abandoned newborn in a park

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Husky dog ​​rescues an abandoned newborn in a park

Husky dog ​​rescues an abandoned newborn at the King's Norton's The Mound park, near Birmingham, in UK. The dog and its owner, Terry Walsh were walking in the park when the man realized that a child, born few daysor hours ago, was hidden under a bush.

The Husky lay down next to the baby, approaching with his muzzle gently. Without the intervention of his dog Hel, Mr. Terry Walsh would never have noticed the newborn. When he noticed the baby, Mr. Walsh looked around to see if anyone was around.

The child was immediately taken to the hospital for examination, and fortunately, he is fine. At the moment the police officers have not yet been able to get in touch, but they are continuing to look for her to make sure of her physical and mental health.

Thanks to this exciting find, Mr. Walsh's Husky has become a true hero in Birmingham.

Swan beaten to death to defend the eggs

In Italy, in the province of Vicenza, a swan named Arturo was beaten to death. Now a bounty of € 5,000 hangs on the killer.

Cut that will then be used to find the person responsible for the death of the swan Arturo, who lived with his companion Principessa in the lakes of the Municipality of Laghi. The bounty was issued by the Italian Association for the Defense of Animals and the Environment (AIDAA) An AIDAA spokesperson said: "A criminal who is probably used to killing animals without too much regard, so he must be brought to justice as soon as possible and must therefore be identified as soon as possible.

Anyone with his direct testimony before the police will allow the identification and definitive condemnation of the person responsible for this barbaric killing." The swan was recovered by the hunting guards to be subjected to an examination to ascertain the causes of his death.

Experts said: "the hypothesis that the animal was deliberately killed by anonymous poacher has killed Arturo, companion of Principessa, the two white swans of the lakes of the Municipality of Laghi, in Veneto. The death of the swan probably occurred in the night between Friday and last Saturday.

In the morning, Arturo's body was found on the shore of one of the two bodies of water, floating, but inert, perhaps beaten, even if the day before he had been seen swimming, as always in his usual majesty, and guarding the nest in the reeds, to defend the last brood."