Tortured animals in a house of horrors

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Tortured animals in a house of horrors

Tortured and abused animals in what can be called a real house of horrors. The fact would have happened in Italy. A series of readers told us how a family systematically killed puppies shortly after they were born, after their mother was never spayed.

Whenever the dog became pregnant, the owners waited for the puppies to open their eyes before killing them, crushing them with their feet or with sticks. There have also been reports of kittens being killed in the same way, a horrible way, which once again shows human cruelty to innocent animals.

ATTENTION: THERE ARE SCENES THAT MAY DISTURB As we have been told, the bloodiest detail concerns the puppies. The owners seem to have killed the puppies by trampling them, while the puppies, in excruciating suffering, spat their internal organs from their mouths, after which, with their weight, the owners crushed them with their feet on the ground, breaking their backbones.

We were also told of beatings with sticks, against the poor and indigenous puppies, killed after brutal blows. Responsible persons have been reported to the competent authorities.

In the world 200 species are extinct every day

Worldwide, up to 200 species go extinct every day.

And there are a million species including plants, insects, birds and mammals that are currently threatened with extinction. Biodiversity continues to be in danger. This is what emerges from the new Biodiversity at Risk 2021 report that Legambiente Italia launches on the occasion of the World Biodiversity Day on 22 May.

In fact, in Italy the situation is becoming dramatic. Among the endangered species there are birds such as the Voltolino, the Schiribilla, the Atlantic Cormorant, the Common Tern, the Osprey, the Bearded Vulture, the Egyptian Vulture, the Common Forapaglie, the Paduan Bigia and the Marsh Migliarino.

Among the endangered flowers are the Venus slipper, the curved Adonis, the Iris Marsica, the Columbine of the Majella. In the Adriatic Sea, serious problems are caused by intensive trawling and gillnets, which often kill endangered species and devastate the seabed.