After 3000 years, 7 Tasmanian Devil puppies are born in Australia

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After 3000 years, 7 Tasmanian Devil puppies are born in Australia

It has not happened for over 3 thousand years that at least 7 Tasmanian Devil puppies were born in Australia: the species had in fact left the Australian mainland to migrate to the homonymous island, where the Devil became endemic, despite today its habitat is threatened.

The only specimens have continued to live and reproduce on the largest island in Australia, from which the species takes its name. The birth of the cubs took place in the Barrington Wildlife Sanctuary, an area of ​​400 hectares where there are 26 specimens.

The puppies are in good health. In total, there would be about 25 thousand specimens of Tasmanian Devil and in 2008 the species was included by the IUCN in the Red List among those in danger of extinction. Since the 1990s, the population has drastically decreased, mainly due to a facial tumor that affects only this species.

Through the official Instagram page, Wild.ark said: "The wilds of mainland Australia are experiencing a special kind of baby boom, one that hasn't happened here in more than 3,000 years. WildArk, in partnership with @aussieArk and @rewild, are celebrating the birth of 7 Tasmanian Devil joeys born into Aussie Ark's 400 hectare Barrington Wildlife Sanctuary.

The Aussie Ark team have been working tirelessly for the better part of 10 years to return Devils to the wild of mainland Australia with the hope that they would establish a sustainable."

In the world 200 species are extinct every day

Worldwide, up to 200 species go extinct every day.

And there are a million species including plants, insects, birds and mammals that are currently threatened with extinction. Biodiversity continues to be in danger. This is what emerges from the new Biodiversity at Risk 2021 report that Legambiente Italia launches on the occasion of the World Biodiversity Day on 22 May.

In fact, in Italy the situation is becoming dramatic. Among the endangered species there are birds such as the Voltolino, the Schiribilla, the Atlantic Cormorant, the Common Tern, the Osprey, the Bearded Vulture, the Egyptian Vulture, the Common Forapaglie, the Paduan Bigia and the Marsh Migliarino.

Among the endangered flowers are the Venus slipper, the curved Adonis, the Iris Marsica, the Columbine of the Majella. In the Adriatic Sea, serious problems are caused by intensive trawling and gillnets, which often kill endangered species and devastate the seabed.