Dog in danger of being chopped: saved in the rubbish dump

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Dog in danger of being chopped: saved in the rubbish dump

"We heard him yelp from afar. We approached him and saw him motionless, probably terrified, in the middle of the garbage," said AAMPS workers, who saved a Husky-like dog from a horrible end. The event happened in Italy: AAMPS employees immediately called the Municipal Police who, with the help of the professional hooker affiliated with the Municipal Kennel, traced back to the owner of the dog.

Employees went up the hill of garbage bags, and found the cana in the garbage, then calmed the animal and, after a few minutes, took it in their arms and carried it away from the landfill. "The scene was touching but it could get heartbreaking if we didn't realize what was happening, because such waste is stored but then removed and handled by mechanical means," they said.

UK: new restrictions on zoos and live animal exports!

UK: new restrictions on zoos and live animal exports! The new Animal Welfare Bill introduces a series of measures: with the fight against smuggling of puppies and the ban on exporting live animals destined for slaughter or for slaughter.

The measures focus on smuggling of puppies, export of live animals destined for slaughter, ban on keeping primates as pets, more protection for farm animals and improvement of standards in zoos. The export of animals destined for slaughter or fattening is still a widespread practice in Europe and the rest of the world.

UK government has announced that it will actively work to put a stop to the unethical trade and smuggling of puppies by reducing the number of pets that are allowed to be transported. In addition, further restrictions on the movement of pets will be introduced for reasons related to their welfare.

There are those who keep monkeys at home as they do with dogs or cats. The new bill approved in Great Britain provides for a ban on raising these animals in the home to let them free in their habitats or in structures that guarantee high standards of well-being.

Thanks to the new bill, the Zoo Licensing Act will be amended to improve zoo regulations and ensure that zoos do more to contribute to the conservation of the various species.