Venice: bird nests and eggs destroyed for the Yves Saint Laurent fashion show

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Venice: bird nests and eggs destroyed for the Yves Saint Laurent fashion show

Due to the fashion show of the Parisian maison Yves Saint Laurent, in Venice, several nests with eggs and chicks of swallows and other species of birds were destroyed on the island of Certosa, where the show will be held.

Regional councilor Andrea Zanoni, who reported the tragedy to the French fashion house, said on Facebook: "Some volunteers from animal welfare associations yesterday reported to me the destruction of nests with eggs and young on the island of Certosa in Venice, probably of swallows, dancers and redstart.

Inside a shed, which should be used for fashion shows on the occasion of the G20 in Venice, someone has treated the nests as if it were simple dirt to be removed. under article 30 of law 157/92 on the protection of wildlife and under article 544 bis of the Criminal Code regarding the killing and mistreatment of animals to act like this: yet it is in the public domain, even children know it, that the nests and their contents are protected or a grueling hour and a half of phone calls everywhere, but as of this morning they had not yet intervened.

I have no words." While waiting to clarify the situation, the French fashion house has decided to cancel the event pending clarification on what happened.

Zoo in South Africa: a tiger kills another tiger and the keeper

At the Seaview Predator Park zoo in South Africa, a long-time captive Siberian tiger leapt over its enclosure to attack their enclosure keeper, David Solomon, before attacking and killing another tiger.

Yet another tragedy involving animals or in captivity, after the one we told you a few days ago and which concerns the fight and death of an African elephant in a zoo in the UK. In zoos, any type of zoo, the animals, which are supposed to live in their natural habitats, find themselves alienated from their natural context, and appear sad, often showing very contrasting behavior.

In a note on the Seaview Predator Park Facebook page, we can read: "It is with deep regret that the Owners and Management of Seaview Predator Park confirm the death of employee David Solomon after he was attacked (not mauled) by a Siberian tiger on Wednesday afternoon 16 June 2021.

The electric fencing in the enclosure housing Siberian tigers Jasper and Jade was in the process of being repaired when Jasper jumped on the exterior fence and got out. David was, unfortunately, in the passageway between enclosures walking towards the water supply taps when the incident occurred.

David attempted to climb the fence of a different enclosure to get to safety and was pulled off the fence by Jasper. We confirm that David obviously had bite marks but it would seem that Jasper broke David’s neck when he pulled David off the fence.

Jasper then proceeded to jump the exterior fence of the next door enclosure which houses Siberian Tigers Judah and Amber. A fight ensued between Judah and Jasper and Judah was killed. Jasper, being an entire male Siberian tiger, wanted the attentions of Amber, an entire female Siberian Tiger.

When the incident occurred, Management immediately closed the Park and assisted members of the public who were near the tiger enclosures to safely gather their belongings and exit the Park. Members of the public who were at the restaurant were kept there until it was safe for them to return to their vehicles and exit the Park.

Surrounding neighbours, Kabega Park SAPS, Gardmed Ambulance Service Kragga Kamma Veterinary Hospital and Nature Conservation were immediately contacted when the incident occurred. Dr Dave from Kragga Kamma Vet was on site to tranquilise Jasper and Amber so that the remains of David could be safely retrieved as well as the remains of Judah, the tiger that was killed by Jasper.

David Solomon had been at the Seaview Predator Park for about 15 years and knew each of the animals since they were cubs. We are all one big family and the loss of David has left every single one of us heartbroken and traumatised, specifically the staff members and volunteers who were present when the incident occurred.

David’s presence, jokes, willingness to teach our young volunteers and overall bubbling personality is going to be missed so much and we send our heartfelt condolences to his family and close friends. May his dear soul rest in peace.

We would like to confirm that all the large cats are safely contained in their enclosures and the electric fencing is fully functional. Jasper’s incident is a first at the Park and was obviously fuelled by hormones. Jasper is now quite calm and content sharing an enclosure with Amber and there are no plans to destroy Jasper.
We apologise to our visitors who had their visit cut short yesterday by the incident and would like to assure future visitors that they are quite safe.

At no stage yesterday was any member of the public in any immediate danger and our request that visitors leave immediately is standard Protocol should such an incident occur. To the guests at the restaurant who offered assistance and kept our young visitors and resident children occupied while we were handling the emergency, thank you for your kindness and support."