Dairy calves live in horrible conditions before being slaughtered

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Dairy calves live in horrible conditions before being slaughtered

Dairy calves are forced to suffer horribly only to be slaughtered and used as a main course in many dishes. Separating calves from their mothers shortly after their birth is a standard practice followed in factory farms around the world.

This causes great suffering in these poor animals, forcibly torn from their mothers, forced to live in microscopic boxes before being killed. The life of these poor animals has been repeatedly filmed and denounced by organizations, including Animal Equality, which deal with animal protection.

The calves don't even have the space to move around well in their plastic boxes and in the tiny adjacent courtyard. And the life of their mothers presents the same suffering, continuously fertilized in an artificial way in order to produce calves and milk.

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Venice: bird nests and eggs destroyed for the Yves Saint Laurent fashion show

Due to the fashion show of the Parisian maison Yves Saint Laurent, in Venice, several nests with eggs and chicks of swallows and other species of birds were destroyed on the island of Certosa, where the show will be held.

Regional councilor Andrea Zanoni, who reported the tragedy to the French fashion house, said on Facebook: "Some volunteers from animal welfare associations yesterday reported to me the destruction of nests with eggs and young on the island of Certosa in Venice, probably of swallows, dancers and redstart.

Inside a shed, which should be used for fashion shows on the occasion of the G20 in Venice, someone has treated the nests as if it were simple dirt to be removed. under article 30 of law 157/92 on the protection of wildlife and under article 544 bis of the Criminal Code regarding the killing and mistreatment of animals to act like this: yet it is in the public domain, even children know it, that the nests and their contents are protected or a grueling hour and a half of phone calls everywhere, but as of this morning they had not yet intervened.

I have no words." While waiting to clarify the situation, the French fashion house has decided to cancel the event pending clarification on what happened.