Italy: a region wants to kill bears, including mothers with cubs

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Italy: a region wants to kill bears, including mothers with cubs

In Northern Italy, in Trento, the killing of bears considered problematic would be expected, including mothers who defend their babies. The bears can be killed immediately upon decision of the President of the Province. The controversial guidelines for bear management in Trentino said: "The guidelines are the result of a discussion with Ispra, an institute that issued a substantial positive opinion on the latest version.

It is therefore a further step towards managing the bear population in Trentino, which in recent years has marked an important increase. As regards the most controversial aspect, that is the management of the most problematic specimens, the guidelines establish the cases in which it will be possible, in extreme reason and following of attitudes considered dangerous or harmful to man, to order the killing of a bear.

The analysis of these cases will take place in a manner consistent with the criteria of Pacobace, which provides for 18 attitudes with different degrees of danger. will also express the Higher Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (Ispra), except in cases for which there is an urgent need to intervene quickly to ensure public safety, a competence that will be the responsibility of the president of the Autonomous Province of Trento."

The president of OIPA, Massimo Comparotto, said: "There would be no need to comment on these forecasts, which are obviously disproportionate. We certainly do not expect an attitude of respect towards bears and biodiversity from President Fugatti, given the events he is dealing with.

Trentino bears have been victims in this last year. However, these Guidelines launched by your council really appear as a declaration of war and death against the bears of its territory. We hope that the Autonomous Province of Trento will decide to launch a series preventive actions to allow a serene coexistence between large carnivores, residents and tourists so that these forecasts remain only on the paper of its resolution, provided that in this case one does not have to go to the courtrooms for the magistrates to evaluate their legitimacy. "