Italy: swifts in danger due to extreme heat

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Italy: swifts in danger due to extreme heat

In Italy, especially in Sicily, the animals have suffered these days from extreme temperatures, even higher than 45°C in the shade. One of the animals that suffered the most from this oppressive coat was the swift. In Ragusa over 700 swifts have fallen from their nests due to the exceptional heat, risking death.

An association of volunteers in the area is working to recover and save these beautiful birds, which are however very many compared to the small forces of volunteers, who have to feed and water them. The volunteer association said: "We have had an exponential growth in the fall of swifts from the heat, but above all from the wild pest control.

If you find a small swift on the ground, the first thing to do is to hydrate it under a trickle of water and take it to our facility, where they are fed exclusively with insects enriched with vitamin B. Do not give them meat, bread or dry food for dogs and cats.

Here over 700 specimens are fed one by one. We need your hands and we ask you to come to donate a quarter of an hour, half an hour of your time and have an extraordinary sweet experience because alone they would not be able to get by.

Then they will be released into nature."

Venice: bird nests and eggs destroyed for the Yves Saint Laurent fashion show

Due to the fashion show of the Parisian maison Yves Saint Laurent, in Venice, several nests with eggs and chicks of swallows and other species of birds were destroyed on the island of Certosa, where the show will be held.

Regional councilor Andrea Zanoni, who reported the tragedy to the French fashion house, said on Facebook: "Some volunteers from animal welfare associations yesterday reported to me the destruction of nests with eggs and young on the island of Certosa in Venice, probably of swallows, dancers and redstart.

Inside a shed, which should be used for fashion shows on the occasion of the G20 in Venice, someone has treated the nests as if it were simple dirt to be removed. under article 30 of law 157/92 on the protection of wildlife and under article 544 bis of the Criminal Code regarding the killing and mistreatment of animals to act like this: yet it is in the public domain, even children know it, that the nests and their contents are protected or a grueling hour and a half of phone calls everywhere, but as of this morning they had not yet intervened.

I have no words." While waiting to clarify the situation, the French fashion house has decided to cancel the event pending clarification on what happened.