Hawaii: fined for touching an endangered monk seal

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Hawaii: fined for touching an endangered monk seal

A couple in Hawaii were fined for touching a monk seal, an endangered species. The couple was on their honeymoon from Louisiana, posted the video on TikTok, which went viral, but were overwhelmed by insults and death threats for their gesture and finally decided to make the profile private.

The two decided to give an interview to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, saying, "We are deeply sorry. We love Hawaii and the culture of the island. We didn't want to offend anyone. We didn't see any bans. We didn't know anything, but I know.

which is no excuse. We are animal lovers. We weren't trying to cause any harm, threaten or scare animals. We are deeply sorry. We will learn from this mistake. Hawaii Governor David Ige on Twitter wrote: "Visitors to our islands: You are asked to respect our people, culture and laws that protect endangered species found nowhere else in the world.

who do not, will be prosecuted by law. " National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, after viewing the video, warned the couple of an upcoming fine. The two newlyweds face a fine of up to 50,000 dollars and even 5 years of imprisonment.

In Patagonia a puma on an iceberg adrift!

It is truly incredible what some tourists have managed to capture while they were at sea near the shores of the Los Glaciares National Park, in Patagonia (Argentina).

Lying on a drifting iceberg was a puma. Vice President of Argentina Cristina Kirchner wrote: "These wonders are seen only in El Calafate, in Argentine Patagonia." The national park experts wanted to answer questions from tourists and the many who have seen the images on social media, saying, "The puma is a great swimmer and it is common to see him in the water.

Older people in the place say they have them. seen swimming across Rico's arm. It's not something to worry about, as soon as he gets closer to the banks he'll be back on shore by itself."