Bee products have amazing beneficial effects

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Bee products have amazing beneficial effects

Review on Bee Products as Potential Protective and Therapeutic Agents in Male Reproductive Impairment is a study that offers an interesting retrospective on a topic that can affect multifaceted aspects, especially when related to bees, one of the most versatile and important insects for the whole ecosystem, but they are very important also for our health.

The study is published on the Molecules Magazine, and we can read: "A variety of acute and chronic illnesses in many parts of the world. The products vary from location to location as well as country to country. Therefore, the aim of this review was to identify various bee products with potential preventive and therapeutic values ​​used in the treatment of male reproductive impairment.

We undertook a vigorous search for bee products with preventive and therapeutic values ​​for the male reproductive system. These products included honey, royal jelly, bee pollen, bee brood, apilarnil, bee bread, bee wax, and bee venom.

We also explained the mechanisms involved in testicular steroidogenesis, reactive oxygen species, oxidative stress, inflammation, and apoptosis, which may cumulatively lead to male reproductive impairment. The effects of bee pollen, bee venom, honey, propolis, royal jelly, and bee bread on male reproductive parameters were examined.

Conclusively, these bee products showed posi tive effects on the steroidogenic, spermatogenic, oxidative stress, inflammatory, and apoptotic parameters, thereby making them a promising possible preventive and therapeutic treatment of male sub / infertility."

Alaska: Volunteers left alone save a 6-meter killer whale

In Alaska, a volunteer left, completely left alone, is thrilled to make an extraordinary and almost miraculous goal: they saved a 6-meter orca.

The orca managed to return to the sea after six hours. The cries of the orca managed to attract the attention of Chance Strickland, the captain of a private yacht. He and his crew began to spray water on the animal: the NOAA, warned of the incident, came to the rescue of the crew of the yacht and the orca, until the tide came out and the orca returned in offshore. Tara Neilson posted photos of the rescuers on Twitter, which you can see below.