Italy: wildfires in Sardinia kill 30 million bees

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Italy: wildfires in Sardinia kill 30 million bees

The wildfires that devastated part of Sardinia, in Italy, not only caused great damage to humans and artifacts, but above all to the flora and fauna. Just think that 500 hives and about 30 million bees were destroyed in the fires.

The Terrantiga company, whose shareholders own the majority of the destroyed hives, wrote on Facebook: "Unfortunately we have remained silent in spite of ourselves. Due to a technical problem that we are trying to solve, our page was blocked, while we took the opportunity to learn how to use Instagram better.

Among the hundreds of hives that were destroyed and damaged by the fire last week there are several of the terrantiga members, specifically Giuseppe Cabon (200), the Apistica Mediterranea cooperative (100) and our partner of Oristano Giuseppe Zoncu (40), the damage is very heavy both for the bees now lost, for the heavily damaged hives and for the work material that has been irreparably destroyed, BUT we are reorganizing ourselves to deal with them, in the common sense of mutual help between the various partners, and not only we are also working hard to help both beekeepers in the area and the owners of the land that for years have hosted us between Santu Lussurgiu and Cuglieri.

We did not ask for help in money, because we believe that the best way to help us is by buying and making Sardinian honey known. a big help is to share this post, to make our situation known to all those who, knowing our reality, have not heard from us anymore.

Our business does not end today, we have 150 years of heritage behind us, the best way for the whole sector hit by years of crisis and lack of production is the enhancement of the harvest of our product, honey. Also because our honey expires the Sardinian territory, it comes from the combination of the sky (the bees) and the earth (the flowers) and in this circle there is the beekeeper, the shepherd of the bees.

To dispel some doubts, we explain that the beekeeper does nomadic activity, often the beekeeper does not own the land where he has bees, and that Terrantiga is based in San Sperate but the associated beekeepers are located throughout Sardinia you can find hives from Burgos in Teulada and perhaps a terrantiga apiary is located right in your municipality.
So before expressing doubts about the veracity of what is written, ask in private if you have any doubts.

after losing so many hives in addition to the moral tragedy we have to face that of haters who, not knowing how beekeeping works, immediately imagine plots and honestly it is not nice towards those who have suffered such violent and senseless damage.

In the meantime, we thank all those who have made purchases, have sent us messages of solidarity, have tagged us on social networks, have shared and made our situation known, your support has been so strong that it has given us more than a smile and a moment of joy and you did it at just the right time.

#thanksinfinite you are not our customers but our supporters. we love you all."