USA: Deer lives with a tire around his neck for two years

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USA: Deer lives with a tire around his neck for two years

In the USA, a deer was imprisoned for two years with a tire around his neck, but a park ranger finally freed him from this torture. The animal, about four years old and weighing 270 kilograms, was spotted near Pine Junction, southwest of Denver, and as can be seen from the images, was sedated by Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials.

In order to remove the tire, the park rangers had to cut off the antlers. It is a red deer, a species widespread in North America and north-east Asia. Since its first sighting in 2019, this deer has lived with an authentic rubber trap around its neck.

At the Guardian Officer Scott Murdoch said: "The fur was a little scratched, there was a small open wound, maybe the size of a coin, but other than that everything looked really fine. To be honest I was quite shocked.

in seeing how good it was. We would have preferred to cut the tire and leave the horns for reproductive activity, but the situation was evolving and we had to remove the tire in every possible way." However, as always reported by Colorado Parks and Wildlife, many other animals in the area also happen to get entangled in a long series of human objects.

Europe: in November sea temperatures 5 ° C above the norm

November in Europe will be a month at serious risk of extreme events. The long-term meteorological forecasts say that there will be surprisingly hot and unseasonable heat, especially in some sectors, but also high probability of the formation of Mediterranean cyclones.

The reason is obvious: climate change, according to seasonal forecasts from Central Europe and AccuWeather. In addition to thermal values ​​beyond the climatic averages of about + 1 / 1.5 ° C in particular in Southern Europe, also the temperature of the seas, which record values ​​of about 4/5 ° C above the reference averages.

All of this will translate into greater potential energy for the development of particularly violent thunderstorms. The latest projections from the European Center and AccuWeather, which always pay particular attention to southern Europe due to the serious risk of flood events, are other extreme events scheduled for the month of November.

Events of this type, among other things, have already occurred in the very first days of October, when exceptional rains (cumulated over 800 mm in 24 hours) caused extensive damage in Italy, in Genoa.