The apocalyptic eruption of the Semeru volcano

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The apocalyptic eruption of the Semeru volcano

Apocalyptic eruption of the Semeru volcano, on the island of Java, Indonesia. Nearly a hundred people were injured, at least 14 dead, according to a new death toll confirmed by the disaster management agency. The disaster agency has started sending basic supplies to care for citizens affected by the eruption and its catastrophic aftermath.

The volcano (3,700 meters) is the highest mountain on the island of Java, an Indonesian island located in the famous Pacific ring of fire. The volcano erupted, causing a dense cloud of smoke and ash that quickly blanketed the entire area.

Hundreds of people were evacuated while entire towns were wiped out.

Bear found with a plastic container stuck in his head

A Bear was found with a plastic container stuck in his head. AIt was then saved after nearly a month of agony.

The black bear had been wandering the Florida woods for weeks with what appeared to be a large plastic bottle stuck in its head. After a day and a half of observation and antibiotic treatment, the bear was released in a safe area of ​​the Picayune State Forest.

After the only two reports received, Florida Fish and Wildilife, the public body that deals with the environment and animals in that state, had set out on his trail in the hope of being able to intercept him before it could be too late.

Then, after days that had become weeks, here is the stroke of luck you do not expect. A black bear that appears to have something on its head is caught overnight by a resident's surveillance cameras. The area of ​​Shire Cullier is once again beaten and new traps are set up to capture the animal.

The sheriff's office and especially the biologists and veterinarians who finally manage to free the bear from that torture are also helping. It also turns out that the bear is a lei of almost 115 kilograms and that that container resembles those used in small farms to feed the animals.

Likely. Whatever happened, beyond the deep neck wound caused by the plastic, he even seems to be in good health. The large hole in the container right in front of the muzzle must have allowed her to drink and somehow feed.