Oceans never as warm as they are now

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Oceans never as warm as they are now

The temperature of the oceans and seas of our beloved planet is rising, and has never been so hot. As reported by our colleagues from the Italian newspaper Repubblica, in fact, in 2021 temperatures reached a new record for the sixth consecutive year.

As published by scientists on the Advances in atmospheric sciences: "in 2021, ocean temperatures set a new record, reaching the hottest values ​​ever measured for the sixth consecutive year; and, even more alarming is the situation in the Mediterranean confirms the pelvis that heats up faster.

" Italian scientists say that the Mediterranean is also in danger: "It is very important to underline that the ocean absorbs just under a third of the CO2 emitted by man, but the warming of the waters reduces the efficiency of this process, leaving a greater percentage in atmosphere.

For example, as a consequence of the warming of the ocean waters, the volume and therefore the sea level is increasing with dramatic repercussions for the atolls of the Pacific and island states such as the Maldives islands but also for our coastal areas.

In addition, ocean waters. increasingly hotter conditions create the conditions for ever more violent and numerous storms and hurricanes, combined with periods of exaggerated heat in increasingly extended areas. And, all this, without considering the biological effects: warmer water is less rich in oxygen affects on the food chain, just as water with higher acidity also has heavy effects on living forms.

also evidently give oneself a deeper area than in the past. This hot water began to invade the Tyrrhenian from the south, starting from the Egadi islands and the north-west coast of Sicily, and continued towards the north, affecting an ever wider sea area and at increasing depths.

Unfortunately for 2022 we are not able to provide forecasts, even if the path taken in recent years by the Mediterranean Sea seems clear enough with ever increasing values ​​of energy present in its waters, giving rise more and more often to extreme weather episodes.

2021 was a manifesto of all this: the heat in Sicily in August, the rain in Liguria, the Medicanes, the Mediterranean hurricanes at the end of November again in Sicily, just to give an example. "