UK experienced record temperatures due to the Climate Crisis


UK experienced record temperatures due to the Climate Crisis

For the first time in history, the United Kingdom has exceeded 40 degrees centigrade in temperature, after the heat wave of North African amtrice that hit the south of the country, France and Spain. Never in the UK had such a high temperature been recorded.

Earlier in the morning, the Met Office tweeted that 39 degrees had been exceeded: "A temperature of 39.1 degrees has been temporarily recorded in Charlwood. If confirmed, it will be the highest temperature ever recorded in the UK.

Temperatures could rise further in the day. " Subsequently Met Office said the new record of 40.2 ° C was reached in London Heathrow at 12.50 local time, with forecasts indicating a further increase in temperatures. The highest temperature ever recorded in Britain so far was 38.7 ° C, reached in 2019 at the Cambridge Botanic Garden.

UK experienced record temperatures due to the Climate Crisis

The Met Office has issued an extreme heat warning affecting much of central, north and south-east England. Provisional data showed that the UK experienced its warmest night ever from Monday to Tuesday.

Temperatures did not drop below 25 degrees in some places, surpassing the previous highest daily record of 23.9 degrees recorded in Brighton on 3 August 1990. Transport for London advised 'ravel only when strictly necessary.

Also canceled several train journeys in north and south London. Transport inconveniences due to the heat were also recorded at Luton airport, forced to suspend flights, while in Cambridgeshire the police closed a double lane road that deformed like a skatepark due to the high temperatures.

The quota that the freezing point has reached in recent days has very few precedents. In the Rosa massif, in the Italian Alps, on the side of the Aosta Valley, the level of freezing has reached 4,800 meters. Only until a few years ago the summer altitude was stable at 3,200-3,500 meters, above which there was the area of ​​perennial snows and glaciers.

In the next few days, a new climatic circulation is expected in the country, with the arrival of rains and temperatures on average with the period.