USA: extreme heat, 85 million people at risk

Temperatures should even get worse next week

by Lorenzo Ciotti
USA: extreme heat, 85 million people at risk

An extreme heat wave is engulfing the USA, especially in the south central region of the country. West-Coast, Mid-West, East-Coast and Great South affected.
Extremely high and anomalous values ​​were recorded in Nevada and California, with peaks of 46 ° C, 44 ° C in Texas and Arizona, 43 ° C in Utah and Oklahoma.

The entire central southern portion will be struggling with maximum temperatures above 40 ° C with peaks in the desert areas of Texas and New Mexico up to 50 ° C. Intense heat will also hit Iowa, Illinois and Indiana.

Until Wednesday 27th July 2022 there will be conditions of danger due to the great heat on a large scale with the involvement of at least 85 million people. Very high temperatures are expected tomorrow also in Pennsylvania, New Jersy and New York.

Monday Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama while between Tuesday and Wednesday there will be a progressive but very slow attenuation of the extreme values.

North American heat wave in 2021

This summer's heat wave continues last year's truly incredible one.

The North American Heat Wave of 2021 is an extreme weather event that affected the west coast of the United States and Canada in June and early July, recording temperatures as high as 50 ° Celsius. The RCMP has announced that the deaths amount to 134 in the metropolitan area of ​​the west coast of Canada, however, being a recent event it is still difficult to quantify the exact deaths.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has declared a state of emergency. In some cities, cooling centers have been opened, air-conditioned buildings that offer residents shelter from the heat, such as: the Oregon Convention Center in Portland has been set up for this purpose.

United States President Joe Biden has linked the heat wave with climate change. To the skeptics he ironically replied: "Don't worry, global warming doesn't exist. It's just the figment of our imagination." Although a single extreme climatic event is not easily attributable to the phenomenon of global warming, numerous scientific studies corroborate the thesis that there is an indissoluble link between anomalous heat waves and the aforementioned global warming.
According to a study by Dr.

Stone and eight other researchers from Georgia Tech, Arizona State, the University of Michigan and the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, a combination of a summer blackout and extreme heat: "would be the deadliest climatic event.

that we can imagine. " Although the continent's northwest is experiencing an unprecedented heat wave, other parts of North America and South America experience unusually low temperatures.