How the Climate Crisis is threatening the Napa Valley


How the Climate Crisis is threatening the Napa Valley

Napa Valley is considered the most famous wine region in California and one of the most famous in the world, but it is threatened by climate change. The temperate climate, typical in the Californian area where the valley is located, is undergoing a change, which could put the wine and tourism sectors at risk, with important repercussions on the economy.

The increase in the frequency of summer heat waves, such as the one that is affecting the USA these days, especially California, with peaks up to 46 ° C, will make the area inhospitable for the premium wine grapes that grow there .

The importance of Napa Valley

The county is located in the north of the San Francisco Bay Area. The US Census Bureau certifies that the extension of the county is 2,042 km², of which 1,952 km² consists of land and the remaining 90 km² consists of water.

The county is known for its wine production, which has developed since the 1960s to reach the levels of the best wine regions of France and Italy. The natural beauty, a Mediterranean-like climate and proximity to San Francisco, Oakland and Sacramento have made it one of the most pleasant areas to live in the United States.

On the other hand, the citizens of the county are notoriously opposed to indiscriminate building development, with the result that 33 of California's 58 counties are more populated, including many that are distant from major cities.

The relative poverty of the city of Napa, home to most of the immigrants from Latin America who tend the county's vineyards and harvest grapes, obscures and hides the richness of the countryside, where some estates, especially those overlooking the San Pablo Bay, were sold for a price of around ten million dollars.

Napa County is a county in the US state of California located north of the San Francisco Bay Area. Napa County was one of the first counties of the state of California, created in 1850. Parts of its territory were later given to Lake County in 1861.

Of the many explanations given on the origin of the name, the most accredited and deriving from the word Patwin napo which means home, however some local residents often quote a legend that translates the phrase you will always come back. The county seat is Napa.