American West Coast ravaged by wildfires

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American West Coast ravaged by wildfires

The American West Coast ravaged by wildfires. At least 20 people have died in the wildfire on the US West Coast, where nearly 5 million acres were burned. In California, Oregon and Washington state, entire cities have been reduced to ashes.

Thousands have been displaced, half a million in Oregon alone, where a man was arrested on suspicion of starting a fire in Jackson County. But in the area there are many outbreaks. The images are apocalyptic. San Francisco is shrouded in smoke and the air is unbreathable, the least healthy in the world.

US President Donald Trump's words on the wildfires

California Governor Gavin Newsom has signed a law that facilitates the hiring, upon their release, of inmates who served as firefighters while serving their sentences.

US President Donald Trump tweeted, underlining the measures approved to support the work of the firefighters: "Thanks to the 28,000-plus firefighters and first responders who are fighting fires in California, Oregon and Washington.

We are with them until the end." FBI has launched an appeal to stop disinformation on social media: "The news that some extremists are setting fires in Oregon are false", declares the Bureau in a note also posted on social media: "help us stop the spread of disinformation by divulging only news from trusted and official sources."

Meanwhile, Cities and bad weather: the risk of climate change. Italian Legambiente report of 2019 said that the climate has already changed. In the statement we can read: "Cities are the areas most at risk for the consequences of climate change, because it is in urban and metropolitan areas that the majority of the population lives and it is here that the trend of the rains, the episodes of tornadoes and heat waves are repeating themselves with dramatic frequencies.

The example of Rome is resounding, where, from 2010 to October 2019, 33 events occurred, of which over half, 19, involved flooding following rain Another important case is that of Milan, with 25 total events, where there have been at least 18 floods of the Seveso and Lambro rivers in the last 9 years.

Genoa follows with 14 episodes, then Naples and Palermo with 12 events showing the most relevant in cases of damage and interruptions to infrastructures. There are also Catania (9 events), Bari and Reggio Calabria (8 events) where there were 6 cases of infrastructure interruption due to extreme climatic events and Turin with 7 cases."

Of the 355 extreme events available to scientific studies, 69% were made more likely or more intense by human-caused climate change. As for the aforementioned heat waves, 93% of the data says that climate change has made the event more likely or more intense.

Same goes for rains and floods. As regards rainy or drought phenomena, in 2019 there is a deviation from the average of both. In particular, the highest peak of rainfall was recorded in the north in November, with an anomaly of + 200%. In Central Italy, however, the driest peak was reached in June, with an anomaly of - 86% compared to the average.