Greenland melts! September 2022 marks the highest temperature ever


Greenland melts! September 2022 marks the highest temperature ever

Dramatic data comes from Greenland, which once again underlines how the climate crisis and global warming are forever changing our beloved planet. Greenland has just experienced the month of September with the highest temperatures in its history, with peaks of 8 ° C higher than the average of the historical reference period.

Higher-than-average temperatures were also recorded in the US, with some worrying records. Taking a concrete example, in September, Salt Lake City, Utah reached the record of the month of 41.7 ° C. In Europe, September 2022 was about 0.4 ° C cooler than in the historical reference period, and in Western Europe temperatures were generally above average, due to the release of marine heat linked to extreme peaks.

registered during the summer. Copernicus Climate Change Service scientists collected satellite data and data from on-site weather stations: the reason for this anomalous heat lies in winds that blew mainly from the South and South West, investing areas where temperatures were already abnormal of the average for the period.

Copernicus scientists explained: "Relatively high and sustained temperatures later in the month are evident from estimates of unusual amounts of ice melt throughout September shown by both the NSDC and the Danish Polar Relay."

Greenland melts!

September 2022 marks the highest temperature ever

According to scientists at Ohio State University, the ice of the Arctic ice sheet is destined to disappear, whatever we can do to try to stop the impact of global warming.

With these extreme temperatures, the melting process of the ice is multiplied to the nth degree. Due to the anomalous heat wave, about 12 billion tons of ice melted on 3 September alone. The National Snow and Ice Data Center, in fact, on September 3 detected a temperature above 0 ° C.

It was the first time since the surveys were carried out in the late 80s of the last century. Coperinuc wrote on its Twitter page: "Greenland just experienced the warmest September in the ERA5 temperature record. Surface air temperatures were more than 8°C higher than 1991-2020 average.

This increase was associated with the prevailing warmer-than-average winds." Below you can read the tweet: