US can still achieve 2030 climate targets

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US can still achieve 2030 climate targets

The United States can still meet its 2030 climate goals if Republicans win on election day. America is All In report against rising temperatures, said US can still meet their 2023 climate targets. According to the report's authors, the Inflation Reduction Act, passed by Democrats in Congress this summer, would drive the majority of emissions reductions before 2030.

The climate law is estimated to reduce U.S. emissions by between 37% and 42%, with a central estimate of 39%. The report was released as the Americans cast their vote in the midterm elections that should put Republicans in control of the House, and which comes as the United Nations global climate CoP27 in Egypt is underway.

The report shows that federal regulations and recently passed legislation, along with local and private sector stocks, could be enough to halve greenhouse gas emissions by the set date, which is by 2030.

US can still achieve 2030 climate targets

Former White House Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy said, "It's not as simple as you might think.

I know people have partnered with both the National Climate Bureau and Secretary Kerry's team at the State Department. I simply have no information right now on what the timing might be. I don't think people on both sides of the party have missed the opportunity to cut the ribbon at the events and announcements that are being made by the spending of the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

And I think you will see the same thing." Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, one of the leaders of the group, told, "We know we can't count on another major bill passed by Congress. We can work towards that.

And hopefully it won't take another two decades to go. for Congress to act. But we can't wait." Many of the assumptions for US decarbonization would include climate law incentives, regulatory compliance costs, state policies, and additional market forces. The report would provide a roadmap on how the US will meet the 50-52% commitment.