US President Joe Biden at the CoP 27: "We will reduce emissions by 2030"


US President Joe Biden at the CoP 27: "We will reduce emissions by 2030"
US President Joe Biden at the CoP 27: "We will reduce emissions by 2030"

US President Joe Biden spoke at CoP27, the Conference of the Parties on Climate, in Sharm el-Sheikh. Biden explained how the US will double their commitment to the climate adaptation fund, with a figure of $ 150 million for Africa.

Biden also apologized for his predecessor, Donald Trump's withdrawal from the Paris accords of 2015, noting that his administration has launched the largest climate investment package in US history. Biden told: "The climate crisis is about human, economic and social security.

We need to act urgently. We are experiencing a difficult period. And Russia's brutal war against Ukraine has exacerbated the food crisis. The war in Ukraine increases the urgent need to abandon fossil fuels. If they help them in the coal sector, there is no reason why they cannot help them on green energy.

To permanently bend the emissions curve, every country must take a step forward. Climate change is imperative. US will reach emission reduction targets by 2030. My commitment to climate is unwavering, we will do our part to avoid climate hell." Biden also met with Egyptian President Al Sisi.

Both pledged to continue the human rights dialogue. The president took the opportunity to thank Egypt for speaking strongly to the United Nations about Russia's war against Ukraine. He also announced an allocation of 500 million from the US, the European Union and Germany to finance Cairo's transition to clean energy.

Brazilian environmentalist lader, Marina Silva, expressed interest in collaborating with the Amazon Fund, created by Norway and Germany in 2008, which funds sustainable development projects and monitors deforestation in the tropical forest: "I spoke to John Kerry about the possibility that states United to increase the appropriations for the Amazon Fund and he replied that he is in talks with Norway and Germany on the basis of joint projects.

The US government welcomes the change of position on the environment and shows a willingness to increase cooperation. President Joe Biden welcomes the opportunity to deepen the agenda with President-elect Lula. People see President Lula's commitment to tackling climate change and conserving the forest, and that is causing investment to come."