Greta Thunberg: "Climate? Public pressure is needed to solve problems"

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Greta Thunberg: "Climate? Public pressure is needed to solve problems"

Greta Thunberg rode her bicycle in front of the Swedish Parliament in Stockholm, like every Friday, or almost every Friday, but she will not participate in COP 27, the United Nations global summit on climate change. She said: "If we don't have the outside public pressure we need, CoP 27 as it stands now won't lead to anything big."

According to Human Rights Watch, Egyptian authorities arrested dozens of people for planning protests and restricting the right to demonstrate at the climate summit. Security measures at CoP 27 in Sharm El-Sheikh include the requirement to have cameras in all taxis and allow security agencies to monitor drivers and passengers.

The authorities also imposed a particularly complicated process for registering in the Green Zone outside the COP headquarters, which at previous summits was open to the general public. Some activists raised their hands showing no gas and no more fossil fuels on their palms to say enough to fossil fuels during the work of the climate conference.

Ugandan activist Vanessa Nakate is among the leaders who led the protest after Greta Thunberg decided to pass the megaphone. In particular, the dispute concerned Germany's climate policy and gas-related investments in Africa.

Greta Thunberg will not participate in COP 27 in Egypt

We recall that Greta was already openly opposed to the decision to hold COP27 in Egypt in Sharm el-Sheikh for political reasons or related to se*ual orientation and religious belief.

Greta said she will donate all proceeds from the sale of her new book to her foundation, and then turn them over to organizations active in the fight against climate change. The text collects various contributions from experts, including that of the economist Thomas Piketty.

Greenwashing indicates all those initiatives that a company or organization promotes to present itself as attentive to the impact of its activities on the environment, without really addressing the problems for which it is responsible.

If desired, it can also be used to talk about a political proposal that seems to want to remedy the damage caused by pollution, but in reality it is not particularly decisive. Greta said: "I am not going to COP 27 for many reasons.

One reason is that space for civil society in Egypt will be extremely limited." Previously, the young environmentalist had tweeted solidarity with prisoners of conscience in prison in the Arab country and accused Greenpeace of helping Egypt by discouraging its activists from criticizing the behavior of the Cairo government on human rights on the eve of the conference.