NGO Global Witness attacks oil lobbies on CoP27

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NGO Global Witness attacks oil lobbies on CoP27

According to an estimate by NGO Global Witness, 636 oil and gas industry lobbyists affiliated with some of the biggest polluting oil and gas giants have registered for CoP27 climate talks. According to the NGO, they would be at least 25% more than the COP26 held in Glasgow a year ago.

Participants work for companies in the sector or represent the fossil fuel sector. The largest contingent comes from the United Arab Emirates, which will host COP28 next year, followed by the Russian one. According to Global Witness, CoP27 has more oil & gas lobbyists than any delegation on the African continent and their number exceeds the total of representatives of the ten countries most affected by climate change.

NGO Global Witness attacks oil lobbies on CoP27

The Climate Action Tracker, an independent scientific research group that verifies the action of governments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, has published and presented to COP 27 the most recent projections on global warming, according to which if policies do not improve, we will go facing a 2.7 degrees Celsius temperature increase by 2100 from pre-industrial levels.

The world is already heading towards 2.4 ° C of warming, under the current 2030 targets. Climate Action Tracker explained: "The NDC upgrade process failed to deliver the urgent cuts that governments had promised to maintain to keep warming at 1.5 ° C.

Despite Australia's more ambitious targets, UAE, Norway and Thailand, these are not enough to move the thermometer, nor are they compatible with 1.5 ° C. At the same time the top three countries are increasing their exports of fossil fuels, especially gas and GDN, while Thailand is planning a massive increase in LNG imports that will undermine renewable energies."

The report said US have made progress, and so has China, which has adopted more ambitious clean energy policies in its 14 five-year plans and also in the European Union, which plans to exceed its target with its new policies.