Yosemite closes due to poor air quality due to wildfires

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Yosemite closes due to poor air quality due to wildfires

The wild fires in California resulted in the closure of Yosemite National Park. The smoke and toxic substances from the fires in the surrounding areas made the air quality unsafe even in what is considered one of the most famous national parks in the United States.

It is not yet clear when it will be possible to reopen it. At the moment the largest fire, the Creek Fire is only 18% contained. In the other fire east of Los Angeles, the so-called El Dorado Fire, a firefighter lost his life.

Never before has California faced a fire the size of the pyre that is destroying federal territory north of Sacramento. And the situation is no better in Oregon, on the west coast of Northern California, where half a million people have had to leave their homes.

This is 10 percent of the total population and the number continues to increase. "Firefighters are prioritizing safety of life as they fight the flames on a 900,000 acre statewide. August Complex Fire is a combination of 37 fires triggered by lightning in the Mendocino National Forest on August 17, the U.S.

Forest Service explained in a statement. So far it is contained by 24%.

All the problems of the US Wildfires

Forest Service spokesman Terry Krasko suggested that the fire may actually be even bigger. Many small fires were extinguished, he said, but the larger parts of the fire, including the Doe Fire, continued to grow.

And it's out of control. The previous largest fire was the Mendocino Complex Fire of 2018, which burned more than 459,000 acres.
Dozens of victims, injured and missing At least 15 people lost their lives to the fires. Ten in Northern California, but the toll could change as rescuers search for 16 missing people.

Butte County Sheriff Derek Bell said seven bodies were found, bringing the death toll to 10 in two days. Federal officials say temperatures are the highest on record, and winds gave the fire a boost over Labor Day weekend. Now the wind has dropped and the temperature has dropped, allowing firefighters to make progress, authorities said.

However, the smoke has created poor visibility and fire helicopters cannot fly. According to forecasts, other thunderstorms, guilty of having triggered the outbreaks, should return as early as next Tuesday. California's August fires, including three of the four largest in the state's history: the August Complex Fire, the Lightning Complex Fire Scu (Santa Clara Unit), and the Lightning Complex Fire Lnu according to President Donald Trump, are the fault of state officials: they failed to prevent calamities. Maybe we'll just have to make them pay, because they don't listen to us, he said in late August