Oceans, climate technology for conservation


Oceans, climate technology for conservation

As reported by techcrunch.com, today's marine investments are in extractive industries like fishing or oil and gas, or activities like shipping. With the oceans covering so much of the planet and space being relatively unexplored, there are plenty of opportunities for investors to find ripe niches with financial and environmental benefits.

In recent years, founders and investors have begun looking for opportunities to conserve and even enhance the ocean's resources rather than exploiting them. In the process, they are betting that innovative approaches to solving these problems will not only create returns, but create disruption and innovations that will spill over into adjacent industries.

Kate Danaher, chief executive officer of S2G Ventures, said: "Part of our case is that ocean conservation technologies can solve big problems for large ocean industries and adjacent industries. We need to make the case for even more climate-focused investors." and generalists." Reece Pacheco, partner at Propeller, explaibed: "There is huge potential for the ocean to deliver more food, more efficiently, with less environmental impact, and even regeneratively." Sanjeev Krishnan, chief investment officer at S2G Ventures, analyzed: “Our systems are at a point where it is more productive to work with nature rather than against it.

While energy and agriculture are further along the J curve , the oceans sector is more nascent but presents an investment opportunity that impacts nearly every sector of the global economy." "I'm not sure I would describe the ocean economy as recession-proof, but the investment opportunities are real from a venture capital perspective," said Tim Agnew, general partner at Bold Ocean Ventures.

Daniela Fernandez, managing partner of Seabird Ventures, added: "People have been trying to solve these problems the wrong way. Profitability and scalability depend on the approach and business model that is implemented to solve the plastic pollution crisis We need to think beyond cleaning community beaches – there are actually extremely investable approaches to solving the plastic problem”.