Earth Day, the Pope: "Caring for the Earth is a moral obligation for everyone"


Earth Day, the Pope: "Caring for the Earth is a moral obligation for everyone"

The Pope Francesco, in a tweet on Earth Day, expressed his entire opinion on the future of our beloved planet. He wrote: "The book of Genesis tells us that the Lord entrusted human beings with the responsibility of being guardians of creation.

Therefore, caring for the Earth is a moral obligation for all men and women as children of God."

World Earth Day is a celebration that has taken place every 22 April since 1970, and which draws the world's attention to the need to conserve natural resources and promote the protection of the planet, now also against the climate crisis., the global movement that organizes Earth Day and recruits environmental movements around the world, aims to involve governments, institutions, businesses and over a billion citizens who now participate in this event every year so that everyone can make their own partly because we are all responsible.

UNICEF and UN on the climate crisis

UNICEF recalls that around the planet, around one billion children are at very high risk from the impacts of the climate crisis. Pollution, water scarcity and increasingly widespread and frequent extreme weather events are threatening an entire generation of children and adolescents: globally, by 2040, almost one in 4 children will live in areas with high water scarcity, in Italy estimates that in 2050 most children will be exposed to increasingly frequent heat waves.

With the world population expected to reach almost 10 billion in 2050, estimates the UN, the loss of arable land is even more worrying. For Waste Watcher International, target 12.3 of the 2030 Agenda must be achieved to reduce food waste by 50%.

Hence the need to invest in nutrition education all over the world. Average global temperatures over the past eight years have been the highest on record, and in 2022 the temperature was 1.15 degrees above the 1850-1900 average.

This is what emerges from the latest annual report of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) on the State of the climate, which once again raises the alarm for the melting of glaciers and the rise in sea levels.