BREAKING NEWS: Ocean temperature has been rising for a month


BREAKING NEWS: Ocean temperature has been rising for a month

Over the past 40 days, ocean temperatures have experienced an unprecedented increase, which is alarming researchers and scientists. The average temperature on the surface of the oceans broke a record on April 1st. In fact, the figure reached 21.1 degrees centigrade, thus exceeding the historical maximum of 21 degrees which had been reached in March 2016.

Furthermore, the peak on 1 April was followed by an average temperature which remained constantly around 21 degrees between 6 and 26 April NOAA thus confirms the disturbing trend caused by global warming. The increase in the temperature of the oceans also multiplies the risks of extreme weather events, especially in the areas of the Earth most prone to such phenomena.

The warmest the water, the more energy it is. And the latter can lead to, for example, a higher number of hurricanes.

BREAKING NEWS: Ocean temperature has been rising for a month

Climatologist Matthew England told the Guardian: "The current trajectory shows a tendency to shatter previous records." French climatologist Christophe Cassou wrote on Twitter: "CO2 accumulates in the atmosphere and oceans, and year after year absorbs heat induced by the greenhouse effect caused by human activities.

According to the IPCC Special Report on Oceans and the Cryosphere, the seas absorb more than 90 percent of the excess heat in the climate system." It is an anomalous and unprecedented increase for which there is not yet a scientific explanation; what is certain is that we are faced with an unprecedented scenario.

Since mid-March, the average temperature of the oceans and seas has been the warmest ever recorded since records began. The phenomenon is not linked to El Nino and is worrying the experts, who have been following this dramatic escalation with concern for 40 days.

El Niño every 5 – 7 years causes a significant warming of the waters of the Pacific Ocean, with an impact on the global climate, but in this situation it would seem irrelevant. It is an anomalous increase for which there is still no scientific explanation.

However, it is clear that the impact of climate change catalysed by emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases is causing the temperature of the oceans and seas around the world to rise.